Baked Oatmeal

The Anchoress says it’s like eating Christmas. She’s right. I took the recipe she posted and added some Sunmaid Goldens and Cherries, and some frozen mixed berries and frozen peach slices in addition to the dried cranberries. The other change I made to recipe was replacing half the cinnamon with pumpkin pie spice.

With my oven I can set it to start and run for however long so I cooked this while we were at church this morning. I will set it to start a little later next time, maybe so it’s just done when we arrive home or a few minutes after instead of earlier. Holding it in the warm, turned off oven, dried it a little bit more than it should have been, but this was just wonderful. Warm, creamy/crunchy, fruity. I warmed some milk and poured a little over each serving. The house smelled so good when we arrived home…

I think you can take the basic recipe and add whatever you want for fruit, or nuts. Dried apricots would probably be great as would figs.

Here’s what mine looked like this morning:


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