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Rick Santorum Guest Blogging at CQ

His post is here.

Those reading this blog hopefully understand the stakes in this year’s Election (Btw: Thanks Ed for allowing me to post here today).

But just in case you need a reminder, here goes:

If you want to keep your taxes low, defeat the Islamofascist threat to our freedom, and restore sanity to our judicial system by appointing judges who won’t re-write the Constitution every chance they get …

…then my victory in Pennsylvania will help protect you and your family from the radical left seeking to seize control of the United States Senate this November.

Is that important to you? I believe it is. If you think that four years of steady economic growth hasn’t been important to our country…

…if you don’t want a repeat of Bill Clinton’s massive tax hikes…

…and you don’t like the idea of any of our troops in harms way, but you know in your heart that we cannot cut and run from Iraq…

…then you understand fully why I must be re-elected in November. All of this, plus the Supreme Court nominees and other judicial nominees are at stake, truly at risk, and you know from my record that I not only stand up for what’s right, I fight for it.

Go read the rest.

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