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Rosie O'Donnell: 2nd Amendment Isn't Really a Right…

Newsbusters has the transcript of the View where the following exchange appears…

O’Donnell: “I think the horror of imagining six to thirteen-year-old girls handcuffed together and shot execution style, one by one, is perhaps enough to awaken the nation that maybe we need some stricter gun control laws.”

This quickly led to an exchange with the program’s token conservative, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, in which O’Donnell asserted that there is no right to own a gun:

Hasselbeck: “So you can’t- You can’t take way the right to, to bear arms.”

O’Donnell: “Well, it’s not really a right. There’s debate as to what that-“

Hasselbeck: “It is a right. It’s in our Constitution. It’s the Second Amendment.”

O’Donnell: “Well, let’s talk instead of yell.”

Hasselbeck: “I’m not yelling.”

Rosie, the first ten amendments are known as “THE BILL OF RIGHTS’. The Second Amendment is included in the first ten. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10…

Elizabeth Hasselbeck – you go girl!

Go read the rest.


I was looking at the partially drained pool this afternoon to see what I needed to do to get it completely drained and surprise, surprise, there was a dead black squirrel floating in what water was left… eeeeewwwwww…..

Hubby had to don the disposable gloves and retrieve the carcass and bag it for garbage pick-up tomorrow. What timing.

We had a series of really bad storms last night. The squirrel may have gotten in the pool to shelter (it’s a soft sided pool with an inflated ring at the top), gotten trapped, and drowned. He (or she) may have fallen from the tree above the pool. I don’t think the squirrel had been hit by lightning as it didn’t seem burnt, but you never know.

Hubby said it was stiff. Rigor had set in. I do believe that is consistent with a death within 24 hours. I hope it hadn’t been there longer than that.


Dow Reaches New All-Time High

The Dow reached a closing high of 11,727.34. The intraday high was 11,758.95.

The economy is doing quite well, thank you very much Mr. Bush for those tax cuts!