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I'm Not Staying Home

In fact, I’ll be at the polls at 6 am, right when they open. Hubby needs to catch a train at 6:25 and we were able to accomplish both on Primary day last March.

Mom isn’t happy with one of our GOP candidates, but I persuaded her that undervoting or voting for a write-in or the third party candidate will be a vote for the Democrat.

Laura Lee has a couple of very good reasons not to sit this one out.

Captain Ed says:

When people are dissatisfied with an incumbent in their own party, the time to address that is the primary.

He is so right.

Another reason: “Speaker” Pelosi (or as Don Surber notes: President Pelosi? Go read his column for the explanation) Update: The Anchoress says no way Hillary will allow it!

Update: Kim at Wizbang! links to Tony Blankley’s column about sitting out the election…

Apparently, these anticipated conservative non-voters are annoyed with Republican imperfection. They are disheartened, disappointed, disillusioned, distempered, and dismal — and thus plan to dis the party that better advances conservative principles in government.

They appear to have fallen victim to the false syllogism: 1) Something must be done; 2) not voting is something; therefore, 3) I will not vote. Of course the fallacy of the syllogism is that the second category could be anything. For example, No. 2 could as well read “eating dog excrement is something.”

I rather suspect that they will feel about the same afterward, whether they chose the non-voting option or the scatological one. They are both equally illogical — and repulsive — and would deserve the moniker “Stupid.”

Go read the rest and Kim’s post at Wizbang!

Vote GOP November 7th