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How Many Headlines?

How many headlines and how many stories? The first two are the same story, different headlines. The third is a different story with yet another headline…

Peter Pan Sequel – 100 Years After Peter Pan

BBC reports the publication of the authorised sequel of Peter Pan. J.M. Barrie left the rights to Peter Pan to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London.

A sequel to children’s classic Peter Pan has been published – more than 100 years after the original.

Peter Pan in Scarlet has been written by award-winning author Geraldine McCaughrean, who was commissioned to write the authorised follow-up.

“There is a magic to that place Neverland – it really does take a grip on you,” she said.

The rights of the book were left to Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital by the original author JM Barrie.

The last paragraph is telling:

[McCaughrean] has won the Whitbread Children’s book of the year award three times for re-interpreting classics such as Noah’s Ark, Moby Dick and The Canterbury Tales for younger readers. [emphasis mine]

Moby Dick and The Canterbury Tales qualify as “classics”.

The story of Noah from the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Bible, I feel, is a bit different.

What do you think?

Peter Pan in Scarlet

Peter Pan in Scarlet