You Said It, Joe

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Chris Wallace: Very briefly Senator Biden, what’s at stake?

Joe Biden: If the Democrats regain control you’re going to see 12-14 Republicans freed up to to go out and join in a bipartisan way to tell the President we are seriously off course.

If the democrats don’t make gains, it’ll be a reaffirmation that, for this administration “stay the course” and I believe that would be a disaster.

Chris Wallace
: And you think there are a dozen Republicans chomping at the bit?

Joe Biden: I think, I know that there are at least three that approached me before we left.

[ed: All emphasis mine]

Joe, you said it. If the Democrats don’t make gains the current administration is right to stay the course it is currently on. It’s a mandate. You said gains too, not just control of either or both houses, gains…

What will you say on November 8th?

Also, Joe, how do you get “12-14 Republicans” from “at least three”? Oh, must have used that methodology from the Lancet study on deaths in Iraq…

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