More European Moral Decay

Here’s a few quotes from the Guardian:

Welcome though these assurances on Iran are, they do not go to the heart of the matter, which remains the neocons’ agenda for the Arab world and their support for the most hardline elements in Israel. Europe needs to be highly wary.

But it is Syria’s support for Hizbullah guerrillas in Lebanon and the Hamas movement in the Palestinian territories which irritates Sharon most.

Hizbullah’s reputation within the Arab world as the only group which has forced the Israeli army to retreat is a constant source of annoyance….

As the US campaign developed last year, Damascus reacted in confusion. It made the mistake of pressing the Lebanese parliament to extend the pro-Syrian president’s term. On the other hand it accepted several Washington demands. It agreed to joint US-Iraqi-Syrian controls over its border to stop insurgents passing into Iraq.

Europe has to resist the Bush-Sharon agenda of wanting Abbas to “crack down on terrorism” in advance of Israel’s Gaza withdrawal… (emphasis mine)

Get that folks. The problem isn’t Syria. They’re simply confused and mistaken. The problem isn’t Hizbulla, who by the way are not terrorists but “guerrillas”, as they are merely a source of irritation and “annoyance”to Sharon ( those bloody body parts all over the street after a car bomb sure are an eye sore). No, Europe should be wary of the “Neocon agenda” and the “hardline elements in Israel.” There’s also no legitimate terrorism in Gaza on which to crack down, only a “Bush-Sharon agenda.”

What’s sad is that this kind of thinking is the norm in Europe.

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