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The Left's Attempt to Take Down Brit Hume Update

To those Musing Minds readers who requested that I continue to follow this story, here’s the update: Looks like the pursuit of Hume is over. I did a scroll down at Kos and nothing. As I originally posted, it didn’t look like there was much there to begin with.

Liberal blogs are sort of the Maytag repairmen of the left side of the journalism spectrum. There’s nothing to “fix” since old media has their perspective fully covered already.

On a side note, it’s strange visiting blogs from the left. A lot of swearing, bitterness, anger and naive idealistic rhetoric. I kind of felt like I was back at my arts lounge in university.

Schiavo Story Cont'd

Although I’m not privy to the specific details of the Schiavo case, the notion that the wishes of an estranged husband is given priority over the wishes of the parents seems outrageous.

On one hand we have the parents who have had a life long bond with their daughter. Absent any evidence to the contrary it would have to be assumed that they are guided solely by what they believe are their daughter’s best interests. On the other hand we have a man who, although married to her at the time she took ill, is now with another woman. One doesn’t have to spend too much time in the halls of divorce court to appreciate that after a marriage is over (even in circumstances where the break-up is amicable) all bets are off and it’s each man for himself. To literally put him in control of her life seems to fly in the face of the obvious.

Terri Schiavo

Please pray for Terri and her family as they come to a crux in the legal situation.

Her husband has been fighting to end her life for the past eight years stating her wish not to continue living in these circumstances. He will not divorce her. He lives with another woman and their children.

Terri’s parents are willing and able to care for her. They do not believe her husband’s claim that she said she would rather not go on.

Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation

Update: Fox News reports that the appeals court has cleared the way for Michael Schiavo to get his way… Please pray for Terri.

The Miami-Herald has the story here. The judge issued an emergency stay until 5 pm tomorrow to allow a scheduled hearing to be held.

Update 2: Fox News just reported that the stay has been extended until 5 pm Friday, February 25th. Keep praying.

Remember, make your wishes (for end of life and organ donation) known in writing and verbally to as many family members as you can.

On my father’s death, the only organs that were suitable for donation were his corneas. Two people can see because of him.

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Transformation of the MidEast Continues

Amir Taheri has a good article about the uprising in Lebanon. He writes:

The genie of people power has come out of the bottle and no amount of political chicanery will send it back in. Nor can Syria dispatch its tanks to crush the demonstrators on the streets of Beirut as the Soviet Union did in Prague in 1968.

Is there any question that the the elections in Iraq and Bush’s public pronouncements that the USA stands with all those who strive for freedom contributed to this uprising in a big way?