Daily Archives: February 20, 2005

Hillary: "Not in America's Interest for Freedom and Democracy to Fail" (in Iraq)

Hillary (the “Hawk”) Clinton is on Meet the Press as she continues her move to the center of the political spectrum. She’s in Iraq on another “fact finding” mission. A pretty clever move I’d say. Rather than being perceived as accepting Bush’s position on staying the course in Iraq, she’s saying that she’s being told by the Iraqis themselves that we need to stay.

UPDATE: She also just refused to “rule in or rule out” military intervention in Iran. Am I alone in thinking that Hillary’s move to the center might make Bush’s second term foreign policy moves easier to accomplish?
UPDATE II: Russert shamelessly campaigns for Hillary asking Sen. McCain “Do you think Senator Clinton would make a good president in ’08?” Hillary was giggling like a little girl opening a Christmas present and of course McCain who’s sitting right beside her has no choice but to say yes.

I Finally Have FoxNews!!

Some of you may know (due mainly to my whining in Polipundit comments) that in the part of Canada I live in, we did not have FoxNews. Just a few months ago the CRTC – the federal body that controls the airways- allowed Canadian access. We now finally have it here.

I’m not kidding in saying that it took a grand total of 3 seconds to notice the difference in perspective. When I turned Fox on, the tag line that ran with the clip read “War on Terror” and the coverage was fighting in Iraq. If you watch CNN (and I don’t recommend that you do) the tag line with Iraq coverage is invaribly something like “Violence in Iraq.”

The tag line/headline sets the tone of the coverage. With Fox it gives context to violence in Iraq. With CNN context is ommitted. We’re just left with violence. I also saw something that I never, never saw on CNN – reporting of a successful attack on the insurgents/terrorists.

Cue the Disney Music……….A whole new world…………