I Finally Have FoxNews!!

Some of you may know (due mainly to my whining in Polipundit comments) that in the part of Canada I live in, we did not have FoxNews. Just a few months ago the CRTC – the federal body that controls the airways- allowed Canadian access. We now finally have it here.

I’m not kidding in saying that it took a grand total of 3 seconds to notice the difference in perspective. When I turned Fox on, the tag line that ran with the clip read “War on Terror” and the coverage was fighting in Iraq. If you watch CNN (and I don’t recommend that you do) the tag line with Iraq coverage is invaribly something like “Violence in Iraq.”

The tag line/headline sets the tone of the coverage. With Fox it gives context to violence in Iraq. With CNN context is ommitted. We’re just left with violence. I also saw something that I never, never saw on CNN – reporting of a successful attack on the insurgents/terrorists.

Cue the Disney Music……….A whole new world…………

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