Daily Archives: February 10, 2005

North Korea – Has Nukes, No Talks

Fox News reports that North Korea is now claiming that they have nuclear weapons and will not return to six party talks anytime soon.

The North Korean Government claim that they need them for self defense against ” what it considers an increasingly hostile United States.”

There has been no independent verification of North Korea’s claims.

hat tip: Command Post

Prince Charles to Marry

Prince Charles is going to marry Camilla-Parker Bowles in a civil ceremony at Windsor Castle on April 8th.

The Fox News story points out that:

Last year, a poll indicated that more Britons support Prince Charles marrying Parker Bowles than oppose it.

Thirty-two percent of respondents to the Populus poll said they would support Charles if he remarried, while 29 percent were opposed. Thirty-eight percent said they didn’t care and 2 percent had no opinion.