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New Mattress Topper

Over the weekend, my feather bed got ruined (sick child). So I went online on Sunday to try to find something to replace it for my sleeping comfort.

I found this one at and promptly ordered it. I was expecting that it would be shipped sometime this week and that I would receive it next week or the week after especially with $2.95 shipping. The website said it would be shipped in 3-5 days and then shipping would take 5-10 days. I didn’t even know that the package had shipped!

On Tuesday, the UPS man came to my door. I asked where the box was from as he was walking away. I looked and it was from!

What a pleasant surprise! Considering that I had ordered on Sunday, my new mattress topper arrived next day. All for $2.95 shipping.

***FTC disclaimer: I did not receive any compensation or consideration from except for the pleasant surprise that my order arrived so quickly! Thank you ***

Note to Politicians of All Stripes

Don’t vote for a crappy bill in the hopes that it can be changed later; that’s like going out with or marrying a person who has some really bad qualities in the hopes that he/she will change…

Or you’re the mistress and once he divorces his current wife and marries you it will be forever

School District Bans MW Collegiate Dictionary

because a parent complained that 4th and 5th graders (10-11 year-old children) could look up “naughty” words.

Why do we still let one or two “offended” parents tyranize the rest of us? Why don’t we just tell them where to get off?

h/t Walter Olson at…

from the comments at Overlawyered:

What’s this lady going to do when her kid goes to web-dictionaries and discovers that you can make your PC audibly pronounce such terms?

Illinois Statewide Offices

From the ballots for the primary elections, next Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010. * = incumbent (my endorsements at the end, fwiw)

Federal: United States Senator (for the open seat that was Barack Obama’s, now Roland Burris’. Dick Durbin is up for re-election in 2012.)


Robert Marshall
David Hoffman
Jacob J. Meister
Alexander “Alexi” Giannoulias
Cheryle Jackson


Donald (Don) Lowery
Mark Steven Kirk
Andy Martin
Kathleen Thomas
John Arrington
Patrick J. Hughes


LeAlan M. Jones

State Offices

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Guarding the Beer

Nobody’s gonna get the beer away from him…


The Voter = Darth Vader?

That’s what Dave Pollak, former NY State Director of the Obama Campaign has to say (just after 6:00 mark) when talking about the Brown win in Mass and whether or not incumbents in general and Dem incumbents in particular might be in danger in November this year. Gretchen Carlson asks him about Obama coming to campaign. Dave Pollak says that he was invited to come campaign for Coakley too late, that he should have been invited weeks earlier, then he says:

But when you talk about the power of incumbency, it sort of reminds me of that scene from Star Wars where Darth Vader chokes the head of the Death Star and says okay now you’re in charge and the guy who’s about to be in charge looks like a total panic, I think that’s what’s going on right now in American politics. The voter is Darth Vader.

Friday Night Dinner

This was frozen four cheese ravioli served with a “sauce” made from bacon lardons and one beefsteak tomato, chopped and my left over grape tomatoes that were a little too ripe for salads, with a bit of salt, pepper, and basil. Topped with shredded Parmesan cheese.

It was wonderful!


Dinner Thursday Night

I took some small steaks and wrapped them with bacon and tied them up with string. I cooked them in the grill pan and then topped them with crumbled bleu cheese.

Served with asparagus and a blueberry and Clementine salad topped with a dollop of Greek yogurt and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

MMMM good.