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Somebody Stole Betsy's Page!

**Updates below**

Blogger’s been having some problems and somebody named Sam has stolen Betsy’s URL. There is a page there called Betsy Page with one post that doesn’t say anything and two comments, one spam and one from Betsy herself.

There were two posts earlier, but one is now gone.

Blogger people – Bring back Betsy’s real page!

Michelle’s posted on it too.

Thanks for linking Lorie!

A very kind person named Duane has saved a google cache of Betsy’s page at http://helpingbetsy.blogspot.com/. At least she’ll have her old posts available…

More comments over at “Betsy Page” – Betsy you have a lot of people who are on your side!

Glenn’s posted an email from Betsy…

Update: VERY humorous blog post from Political Humor. Great laugh!

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Operation Swarmer Underway

50 aircraft, 1500 US and Iraqi military. In Samarra. 101st is involved. Largest Air Assault since the beginning of the war.

Fox News Reuters, and Stop the ACLU have more.

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King Mike

Ed Driscoll points us to a parody commercial starring [tag]Michael Bloomberg[/tag].

There was another shown on The [tag]Daily Show[/tag] that [tag]Brit Hume[/tag] replayed at the end of the show yesterday or the day before. Go to the Daily Show and choose “Couldn’t [tag]Hackett[/tag]” (the “campaign ad” is at the end (3:43)). One quote: “I believe we should take care of our environment. That’s why I’m standing in front of a river.”