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Happy Birthday Duncan Kitty

Duncan is one year old today.

12 weeks One Year
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Poor Duncan, he had lovely long whiskers until the 5-year-old got near him with scissors…

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Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Liam was walking in the woods one day when he happened upon a napping Leprechaun, snuck up on him, and caught him.

Liam said, “Ah, I’ve got ye! Now ye’ve got to give me tree wishes!”

The Leprechaun said, “Aye, Liam. That ye have. But I must tell ye that whatever ye wish for, I will give Tom Flannery, who I know is yer worst enemy, double what you get.”

Liam thought about this a for a few minutes and said, “Okay Leprechaun, I’ve my tree wishes ready.
“For me first wish, I wish for a lovely ten room house.”

{poof!} there was a lovely ten room house. And {poof!} right next door, a lovely twenty room house with Tom on the front porch.

Tom said, “Ah Liam, me pal. I didn’t know you loved me so well!”

The leprechaun asked Liam what his second wish would be.

Liam said, “For me second wish, I wish for one of the most beautiful women in the world.”

{poof!} One of the most beautiful women in the world shows up next to Liam. {poof!poof!} Two of the most beautiful women in the world show up next to Tom.

Tom said, “Liam, whatever did I do to earn such wonderful gifts from you?”

The leprechaun said, “Well?”

Liam said, “For me third and final wish, I wish me desire for women cut by half.”