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Betsy's Page Temporarily (hopefully) Down

Betsy says to tell you that her site is down due to Evil Blogger and she hopes that they will fix their problem and she’ll be back soon.

She has a few research papers to grade tonight as well, so blogging would be light anyway.

Hopefully she’ll be back soon.

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Sirhan Sirhan Up For Parole Again

and the AP says it’s a “potential conflict for Gov. [tag]Arnold Schwarzenegger[/tag], who is married to RFK’s niece.”

It takes them until the fourth paragraph to say that it is highly unlikely that Gov. Schwarzenegger will need to be involved at all.

Los Angeles Deputy District Attorney David Dahle, who will argue the state’s case before the parole board, said there is little chance the decision would fall to the Republican governor. He conceded there is at least the appearance of a conflict.

“Obviously there’s an issue. He’s married to the [tag]Kennedy[/tag] family,” he said. “But he is not a member of the immediate family.”

Mr. Dahle, Arnold Schwarzenegger is not married to the Kennedy family. He has married a woman who is part of the Kennedy family. If he’d married the Kennedy family he’d be polygamous…

The fact that he married someone in the Kennedy family should have absolutely nothing to do with [tag]Sirhan Sirhan[/tag]’s parole.

GOP Bloggers Straw Poll

GOP Bloggers has a [tag]straw poll[/tag] up and you can vote here or there… and feel free to use the code at the bottom to put this on your own blog.