Daily Archives: March 7, 2006

Update on Christina Desforges' Death

I have been receiving a lot of search hits on Christina Desforges lately so I googled the news…

Fox News has a story from yesterday on the coroner’s report on her death. Apparently she died of a lack of oxygen to her brain, not from anaphylaxis as was previously thought.

Coroner Michel Miron told The Associated Press that it appeared that Christina Desforges, 15, had suffered from “cerebral anoxia,” or a lack of oxygen to the brain, which caused serious damage.

He provided no further details — other than to say that no foul play was suspected in Desforges’ death — because he has yet to submit a final report to the provincial coroner’s office.

Illinois Rejects Driver Card for Illegals

Via The Capitol Fax Blog.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the Illinois Legislature rejected a bill that would have allowed illegal immigrants to get a certificate to drive legally in the state. The bill was defeated 59-52. The Trib also reports that supporters of the bill are calling this a victory because more lawmakers were in support of it this time.

Under the measure, undocumented immigrants would have to pass driving tests, present a tax identification number, a foreign passport, file an affidavit that they would apply to be a permanent resident and hand over all illegally obtained driver’s licenses.

Rep. Ron Stephens (R-Mulberry Grove) said people should instead report to immigration offices, become documented and get a legal driver’s license.

Rep. Stephens has it right. Be here legally in the first place, you get the rights and privileges attendant thereto. The granting of rights and privileges to those here unlawfully only encourages such unlawfulness.

Rest In Peace Dana Reeve

Dana Reeve, the widow of Christopher Reeve, died today of lung cancer.

Rest in Peace Dana.

Our prayers go out to Dana and Christopher’s young son Will (13) and the rest of the family.

Heard on Fox News.