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We Were on Rush – Kinda, Sorta, In A Roundabout Kind Of Way…

Today, Rush paraphrased and quoted from The Anchoress’ post Birdshot, Vice Presidents and Strategeries. On part he quoted was this:

Middling scenario: Mr. Whittington recovers, but David Gregory never gets over not getting a press release handed to him and spends the next year alternately weeping and hectoring Scott McClellen like a sexually frustrated fishwife. Provoked beyond endurance, McClellen leaps over his podium, picks up Helen Thomas by the ankles and begins to throttle Gregory with her. This does not end well.

Which contains a link to this very blog!

So we were kinda, sorta on Rush in a roundabout kind of way.

Cartago Delenda Est has a audio of Rush where you can hear it for yourself.

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Left for Dead/Leaving out Press – Tomato/Tomaaato

If you haven’t already checked out Hugh Hewitt’s interview/interrogation of Lawrence O’Donnell do it now. It’s pretty eye opening. The guys at Powerline also do a good assessment of the interview.

What I found particularily remarkable is O’Donnell’s attempts to compare this to Chappaquiddick. In his own words:

All we’re doing is guessing, because the Vice President forced us to guess, because he did exactly what Ted Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick. Exactly, Hugh. The same behavior.

Cheney was with a large group of people before, during, and after the shooting. It was immediately reported to the authorities, and the victim was immediately given medical attention by Cheney’s own medical team. But apparently that’s of no consequence if it wasn’t immediately reported to the press. It appears that to O’Donnell, the crime of not immediately reporting an accident to the press is up there with not informing anyone of the fact that a woman lay dying in a submerged automobile.

The narcissism of the MSM continues.

ACLU Renews Hatred For America

We have two recent press releases from the ACLU.

1. Gut National Security! We all know about the ACLU’s lawsuit against NSA, its FOIA request over it, and its constant urging of Congress for full disclosure of what should be classified information.

The American Civil Liberties Union today urged the House Judiciary Committee to adopt several resolutions that would formally request any and all documents relating to the illegal National
Security Agency domestic spying program authorized by President Bush.

“The need for a comprehensive investigation into the NSA’s domestic surveillance is essential to find out exactly which laws were broken,” said Caroline Fredrickson, Director of the ACLU Washington Legislative Office. “

Notice that while they use the word “illegal”, and insist that laws were broken, they don’t even know exactly what laws were broken. WTF? I thought that in America that everyone was considered innocent until proven guilty, but all of the sudden per ACLU the government is guilty until proven innocent. The way the program is was explained, according to all lawyers that worked in this field, it is completely legal because it falls under the powers of the Executive branch. The President’s job is to protect the Nation, wage war when appropriate, and in this case approve by Congress when they said, “use any appropriate force necessary.” It is also the Executive branch’s authority to collect international intelligence, and the president does not need Congress’ approval. This comes under the “seperation of powers”, despite the fact that Congress does not like this. This is a never ending battle between the Congress and the Executive branch. Congress thinks that everything has to be run past it. When Congress says that it is the Executive branch that is trying to grab power….think….it is Congress that is actually the one trying to grab power for themselves.

If this were the only government effort to protect Americans that the ACLU opposed, one could easily write it off as a misguided pursuit of an absolutist ideaology of liberty. However, the ACLU seems to have a problem with everything dealing with National Security. They oppose the Patritot Act, airline security measures, searches across the board, and much more.

But lets get down to the real agenda.
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