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Bill O'Reilly Discusses the Cartoons

Last night’s program included the following discussion between Bill, Dr. Mamoun Fandy of the Baker Institute for Public Policy (top), and Kamal Nawash of the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism (bottom).

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O’Reilly: Now for the top story tonight, two views of the Muslim demonstrations over those cartoons. Joining us from Washington, Kamal Nawash, president of the Free Muslim Coalition Against Terrorism and Dr. Mamoun Fandy who writes a syndicated column published in the Arab world.

You it’s getting to the point now, Doctor, where I feel very uneasy. I think this whole thing could go up, this whole Muslim versus the West could go up at any time. Am I wrong?

Fandy: I think. I think you are probably wrong, Bill, on this one. I think those cartoons that we are talking about are very offensive to any Muslims. And if we want to enlist the support of one-fifth of mainstream Muslims, one-fifth of the world population on our side in the war on terrorism, you should not attack or defame the very core of Islam, that’s basically Prophet Mohammed. If these were political cartoons about Osama Bin Laden, or about those extremists, I don’t think you would find these riots.

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