We Were on Rush – Kinda, Sorta, In A Roundabout Kind Of Way…

Today, Rush paraphrased and quoted from The Anchoress’ post Birdshot, Vice Presidents and Strategeries. On part he quoted was this:

Middling scenario: Mr. Whittington recovers, but David Gregory never gets over not getting a press release handed to him and spends the next year alternately weeping and hectoring Scott McClellen like a sexually frustrated fishwife. Provoked beyond endurance, McClellen leaps over his podium, picks up Helen Thomas by the ankles and begins to throttle Gregory with her. This does not end well.

Which contains a link to this very blog!

So we were kinda, sorta on Rush in a roundabout kind of way.

Cartago Delenda Est has a audio of Rush where you can hear it for yourself.

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