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The Schiavo Crime

An article by Rev. Robert Johansen at NRO is a must read (hat tip PoliPundit). It is filled with a number of startling revelations. In addition to the apparent evidence of neglect, what I find absolutely astounding is that Terri Schiavo has never received a proper diagnosis, and in particular she has never had an MRI scan. I had bad head aches for awhile and my doctor ordered one. It’s standard. Yet life and death decisions are being made in the absence of such basic diagnostic techniques. Why, you may ask? Because Michael Schiavo has refused to consent to one.

What is the standard of proof required to ends someone’s life? What should it be? In the criminal context it’s “beyond a reasonable doubt”. That standard is based on the premise that it’s better to let ten guilty men go free, than put one innocent man in jail. Yet in this instance, what is “better” than keeping Terri Schiavo alive? What is the weighty factor that sits opposite life on the scale of justice? What is the harm in keeping her alive?

URGENT! Your Help is Needed!

Via Jeanette at Oh How I Love Jesus:

This item is extremely important with how it is handled.
Please call and email Governor Bush with one item only.
Subject Line:
Terri’s tube MUST NOT be removed surgically on Friday. Her feeding tube can be safely capped off while the investigations are underway.

It is invasive and risky to have Terri surgically undergo removal of the feeding tube when the same results can be achieved by placing a cap at the end of the tube. Feeding tube must NOT be surgically removed.
Governor…please take ACTION to stop the surgical removal of Terri’s feeding tube NOW!

Call Jeb NOW!

Gov. Jeb Bush
850-487-0801 (fax)
jeb.bush@myflorida.com, fl_governor@myflorida.com, jeb@jeb.org,

Executive Office of Governor, Legal Team to Jeb

*Ask to speak to the following individuals*

Robert H. Fernandez (Deputy General Counsel to Governor) ->

Raquel A. Rodriguez (General Counsel to Governor) ->

Christa Calamas (Assistant General Counsel to Governor) ->
850 / 488-3494 (voice)
850 / 488-9810 (fax)

Section: 415:1051— allows DCF through adult protective services to provide protective custody for the victim of alleged abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.

This comes from http:// Fight4terri.blogspot.com This is of utmost importance that as many people as possible contact this office to get some positive action for Terri.

The Heart of the Filibuster

We’re hearing a lot of inflammatory rhetoric from the Democrats on the filibuster issue. With all the talk of abusing the “checks and balances” and one party “seizing power”, when it comes down to it the filibuster is an inherently undemocratic process. Here it is in a nutshell:

The objective: stop a vote from taking place.
The means: endless debate.
The motive: the minority does not want the majority’s will to be enacted.

Doesn’t sound very democratic does it? No wonder the Dems are going on wild tangential rants. It’s in their best interest to keep the debate as far away from the basic facts as possible.

Also check out Hugh Hewitt and Captain Ed, both have good stuff on this issue.