URGENT! Your Help is Needed!

Via Jeanette at Oh How I Love Jesus:

This item is extremely important with how it is handled.
Please call and email Governor Bush with one item only.
Subject Line:
Terri’s tube MUST NOT be removed surgically on Friday. Her feeding tube can be safely capped off while the investigations are underway.

It is invasive and risky to have Terri surgically undergo removal of the feeding tube when the same results can be achieved by placing a cap at the end of the tube. Feeding tube must NOT be surgically removed.
Governor…please take ACTION to stop the surgical removal of Terri’s feeding tube NOW!

Call Jeb NOW!

Gov. Jeb Bush
850-487-0801 (fax)
jeb.bush@myflorida.com, fl_governor@myflorida.com, jeb@jeb.org,

Executive Office of Governor, Legal Team to Jeb

*Ask to speak to the following individuals*

Robert H. Fernandez (Deputy General Counsel to Governor) ->

Raquel A. Rodriguez (General Counsel to Governor) ->

Christa Calamas (Assistant General Counsel to Governor) ->
850 / 488-3494 (voice)
850 / 488-9810 (fax)

Section: 415:1051— allows DCF through adult protective services to provide protective custody for the victim of alleged abuse, neglect and/or exploitation.

This comes from http:// Fight4terri.blogspot.com This is of utmost importance that as many people as possible contact this office to get some positive action for Terri.

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