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Have You Been Blagojeviched?

During the impeachment “debate” this morning, one of the speakers mentioned that people have been “Blagojeviched”. Have you?

Sea Kittens for IEATAPETA Day

The annual International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA day is Sunday, March 15, 2009.

With PETA’s latest lame attempt at trying to “guilt” us into becoming vegans, I think that this year’s IEATAPETA day should be devoted to “Sea Kittens” of all kinds. PETA is also trying to get schools with names like Whitefish and Spearfish to rename themselves Sea Kitten…

Let’s have Fish and Chips, scallops, lobster, salmon, crab legs (especially those giant ones from Alaska), Maryland Crab Cakes, Cedar plank Tilapia, Orange Roughy, Tuna, Shark, Abalone, Sushi, and, of course, Catfish.

Let’s get a Sea Kitten Recipe Carnival going! I’ll host here and we can publish on March 1st so people can have 2 weeks to decide and shop for what they’ll have on IEATAPETA day.

Let’s have a deadline of 2/25 to get the recipes/links to your blogpost recipe so I can get them assembled for the 1st. Send to seakittens *at* musing-minds *dot* com.

Governor Blagojevich Impeached

The vote was 114-1.

Lone nay vote was Milt Patterson (D-32nd).

Senate trial could start as soon as Wednesday and could last two weeks according to Speaker Mike Madigan (D).


Rich Miller at Capitol Fax Blog is live blogging the debate.

Not much of what I’d call a “debate” it’s a lot of speechifying with bipartisan support of impeachment so far.

Rep. Mendoza(D), “It’s amazingly fitting that Governor Blagojevich face impeachment today of all days. On his self admitted hero Richard Nixon’s birthday. Their common bond of impeachment will unite them in history’s dark annals of corruption, but even Nixon displayed more integrity than Blagojevich by resigning before he was impeached.”

Impeachment Note

Governor Blagojevich’s sister-in-law, Deb Mell (D-IL 40th), won’t be voting on his impeachment. New representatives aren’t sworn in until next week.

No Charges for Store Clerk

A Lake County Illinois Grand Jury refused to bring charges against a store clerk who shot a robber.

The Peoples Market was robbed at gunpoint about 7pm. The robber took the money and went outside to his getaway vehicle, a bicycle. The clerk grabbed a gun from under the counter and went to the door to see which way the robber went. At that time, the robber rode the bike past the door and the clerk shot him because the clerk thought the robber had his gun in his hand and the clerk felt his life was in danger. (source)

A radio version of this story also noted that the robber’s accomplice got away with some of the money. The accomplice has not been identified.