Good Reading for a Monday

Mark Steyn cheers up: Cheering Tidbits Lighten Otherwise Grim Week (via Blogs for Bush)

John Leo on The Attack of the Memes (via Betsy’s Page)

Terry McAuliffe gets tag-teamed.

Former Senator Alan Simpson “But let me tell you, you’ll never find it if you just follow the Washington media. You’ll never know the good. All you get is controversy, crap and confusion.” (Via Michelle Malkin)

Powerline document’s the DFL’s “it’s un-American to support the Government’s policies in Iraq” in The Compleat Democrats’ Disgrace.

Stop the ACLU discussed Bin Laden’s “You’ll Never Take Me Alive“.

Jeanette at Oh How I Love Jesus remembers celebrating Lincoln’s Birthday and Washington’s birthday from six-year-old’s point of view…

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