Daily Archives: February 8, 2006

Wizbang's Having a Contest With $$$$ Prizes

Wizbang’s having a contest to see how many people have all five of their blogs on blogrolls. I already had Wizbang and Wizbang Bomb Squad – now I have the rest.

Kevin will check all entries and do a random draw from valid entries for First Prize $75; Second Prize $50; and Third Prize $25.

Check the blogroll to the right for links to all 5 Wizbang blogs…

Once Again, Welcome to Our New Home

I have finished {finally} categorizing everything. To all those who received new trackbacks, sorry about that. I can’t find the plugin that I saw at one time to not-trackback when editing. Please leave a comment if you know where I can find it for WordPress.

Most of the links to other posts within the blog should work now.

If you have an old link to us, replace the kasobs.blogspot with musing-minds and replace the .html with a / and the links should come to the proper post here.

Again, thanks for your patience and Welcome!

Kiran Chetry New Mom

Kiran Chetry of Fox News had her baby early this morning.

Maya Rose Knowles (her father, Kiran’s husband, is Chris Knowles also of Fox News) was born at 1:18 am

Happy Birthday Maya!