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Welcome to SCOTUS Justice Alito!

Mrs. O’Connor, enjoy your retirement.

Final Vote: 58-42.

He should be sworn in this afternoon and join his fellow justices at the SOTU tonight.

Roll Call will be here.

RIP Coretta Scott King

Coretta Scott King has died. She was 78. She had suffered a heart attack and stroke last August.

She is now with her late husband Martin Luther King, Jr. and with the Lord.

Rest in Peace Coretta.

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One Year

365 days ago, John Kerry promised, on national TV, to sign form SF-180 and release his military records. He has yet to do so.
255 days ago, John Kerry signed form SF-180 to release his military records. When will we see the records? Will the Globe post the documents? Will Kerry release the 180 so we can see exactly what he authorized for release (and to whom)? Polipundit asks, ‘Where are the missing pages?’ Mark at USS Neverdock asks, ‘Did Kerry sign Part III of the Form 180?’ Scott Johnson at Powerline says ‘something is missing from his file’ Captain Ed says: ‘This release by Kerry still doesn’t answer key questions about what he’s claimed about his service.’

So Senator Kerry, it’s been a year. All we know is that George W. Bush got better grades than you did at Yale. Isn’t it about time that you released those records to the public? After all, you are running for President again. The public has a right to know.

Bush Administration Bad

That about sums up the first ten minutes of Meet the Press. It’s been awhile since I’ve watched the Sunday morning news programs. It appears to be as bad as ever. For those who haven’t watched for awhile here’s how it works:

Russert gathers headlines from (liberal) media on various subjects, all of which is anti-Bush.

He airs the headlines as if the premise of each story is the immutable truth.

The discussion about a failed Bush administration proceeds accordingly.

Kerry Wants to Fillibuster Judge Alito

John Kerry, from Davos, Switzerland no less, is calling for a fillibuster of Judge Samuel Alito. He was calling back to the States trying to muster support (who’s paying that bill?) According to CNN Kerry has the support of his co-Senator, Kennedy.

Easy for Kerry, there in Davos, attending the World Economic Forum, to call for a fillibuster. He won’t be taking part in the “debate”, will he? He won’t have to stand there talking until his bladder just can’t take it anymore.

By the way Mr. Kerry, where are those records? The clock currently reads 361 days… Come Monday, it’ll be a year since you made that promise…

Senator Frist,

It is time to invoke the Byrd Option and change the Senate Rules again to remove fillibusters against judicial nominees.

Stop the ACLU has the story.

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Transcript: Brian Maloney on The O'Reilly Factor

Political Teen has the video.

O’Reilly: In the Back of the Book Segment tonight, as we have been telling you, the liberal radio operation Air America is having major problems. Ratings in most major markets with the exception of New York City were down big in the latest survey. And the operation is losing tons of money despite being propped up with good publicity by liberal news operations like the New York Times.

Joining us now from Boston with some data is Brian Maloney who runs a blog called The Radio Equalizer. Mr. Maloney is not a fan of Air America.

First, what is the latest…

Maloney: {laughter at the “not a fan” comment}

O’Reilly: Well I want to, full disclosure, you’re coming at it, you don’t like them…

Maloney: Sure.

O’Reilly: And I don’t like them either. The latest in the New York State investigation of Air America and their charity problem. What’s the latest on that?
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I'm Back, With Good News

Hey gang. It’s been awhile since I last posted. I was …….ahem…. preoccupied with the Canadian election.

You now officially have a conservative neighbor North of the 49th!

And I officially have a conservative government after thirteen years of liberal rule.

(I promised myself I was going to be dignified about it. Oh well.)

Expect to hear more from me in the coming weeks.


Beautiful Sunset

Sunset from the plane window as we were coming home.

Snowing Again

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But 80’s are forecast for Orlando for the next four days!