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Kerry Wants to Fillibuster Judge Alito

John Kerry, from Davos, Switzerland no less, is calling for a fillibuster of Judge Samuel Alito. He was calling back to the States trying to muster support (who’s paying that bill?) According to CNN Kerry has the support of his co-Senator, Kennedy.

Easy for Kerry, there in Davos, attending the World Economic Forum, to call for a fillibuster. He won’t be taking part in the “debate”, will he? He won’t have to stand there talking until his bladder just can’t take it anymore.

By the way Mr. Kerry, where are those records? The clock currently reads 361 days… Come Monday, it’ll be a year since you made that promise…

Senator Frist,

It is time to invoke the Byrd Option and change the Senate Rules again to remove fillibusters against judicial nominees.

Stop the ACLU has the story.

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