Left for Dead/Leaving out Press – Tomato/Tomaaato

If you haven’t already checked out Hugh Hewitt’s interview/interrogation of Lawrence O’Donnell do it now. It’s pretty eye opening. The guys at Powerline also do a good assessment of the interview.

What I found particularily remarkable is O’Donnell’s attempts to compare this to Chappaquiddick. In his own words:

All we’re doing is guessing, because the Vice President forced us to guess, because he did exactly what Ted Kennedy did at Chappaquiddick. Exactly, Hugh. The same behavior.

Cheney was with a large group of people before, during, and after the shooting. It was immediately reported to the authorities, and the victim was immediately given medical attention by Cheney’s own medical team. But apparently that’s of no consequence if it wasn’t immediately reported to the press. It appears that to O’Donnell, the crime of not immediately reporting an accident to the press is up there with not informing anyone of the fact that a woman lay dying in a submerged automobile.

The narcissism of the MSM continues.

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