"Holiday Tree" Too Inclusive

Via Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost in his Outtakes post of 11.30.05 we find this post by Gil Student, an Orthodox Rabbi at Hirhurim-Musings

He says that renaming a Christmas Tree a “Holiday Tree” is offensive to Jews because it implies that the Tree covers all holidays at this time of year, including Hanukkah.

Rabbi Student is correct.

It is a Christmas tree, not a Hanukkah tree, a Diwali tree, a Ramadan tree, or a New Year tree. By renaming it a “Holiday” tree it lumps together all religious and secular holidays that occur at this time every year.

Update: Oops! I forgot Kwanza! There is no Kwanza tree either. {sorry}

It’s time to Take Back Christmas! For Everyone!

The American Princess has further thoughts on this. Very good commentary.

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