Daily Archives: December 1, 2005

My Mother Broke Her Foot

Poor Mom. She woke up at 4 am yesterday morning and used the facilities. When she went to the sink, her blowdryer fell off the vanity and onto her right foot. She called me at about 9 am and said she needed some help because her foot hurt really bad. So, the little guy and I went over to help her out. I had brought some canes to help her move around but Mom couldn’t use them. I went and got her some crutches, but she couldn’t use those either. We finally used her office chair to get her out to the car.

We drove over to the Acute Care Center and used a wheelchair to get her out of the car and around in the Center. They took x-rays of her foot and found that she broken the first and second metatarsals in her foot. Numbers 8 and 9 below are the first and second metatarsals. The red lines are where the breaks are.
They tried her with a walker at the Acute Care Center, but she couldn’t use that either. We went to a local medical supply company and rented a wheelchair for her. Right now she has a splint on. Tomorrow we’re going to see the Orthopaedist to see what he’ll do.

Mom has plans to go to Florida to stay with my aunt for a while and we’re hoping she’ll have a walking cast so she can still do that. I told her yesterday that she’ll just have the normal amount of trouble at airport security since she’s an “old, white lady” and you know old white ladies are targeted by security anyway. I, at least, got a chuckle out of her…

Blogging might be a little light for a while…