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The Context of Casualty Reporting

Below I post about the possible self-fulfilling prophecy of an Iraqi quagmire based on an unprecedented display of biased one-sided reporting. Powerline does a nice job of going back in time and putting into context the sacrifice that has been made to defend freedom. They help us imagine how WWII would have been reported by today’s MSM and how that may have effected the outcome.

They also drive home the point of the complete absence of context to the daily Iraq death tabulation by referring to a stunning fact: the peacetime accidental casualty rate in the military forces between 1983-1996 was greater than the current casualty rate in Iraq by a two to one margin.

Coming Soon – The Grand Old Portal

Launching August 29th – The Grand Old Portal

From the press release:

The Grand Old Portal is a human-edited search engine of Republican websites on the World Wide Web. This search engine is different from other search engines as it only lists sites that support the Republican Party. Each site that is submitted is reviewed by an editor who then determines if the site will be listed in the search engine.

Webmasters who run websites that support the Republican Party are invited to visit http://www.GrandOldPortal.com and submit their website for inclusion in the search engine. Even though the website will not be launched until the 29th of August, webmasters are still encouraged to submit their websites now for inclusion.

Via GOPBloggers