Daily Archives: August 12, 2005

Oh, If Only "Vapoorize" Really Existed!

In the Ben Stiller/Jack Black movie Envy the character Nick Vanderpark (Black) invents an aerosol spray that instantly vaporizes doggy doo-doo.

Oh how I wish that product were real! I just spent an hour clearing out the “landmines” that my Siberian, Nikita, left in the backyard. It’s been a while since that particular task was carried out. There were pounds and pounds of the nasty stuff.

I do know that I could avoid this by cleaning up right after Nikita places his landmines, but when they are fresh they can be especially nasty – after a few days they dry up and aren’t as aromatic.

Maybe someone could invent a “roomba” type machine that will search out and destroy canine landmines…

Help Requested – bumped to top

Bump to top.

After TWO days, not ten, the Click for Cathy Campaign has been completed!


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When my Dad had cancer this was something that we looked into, but his cancer wouldn’t have responded to it. Sadly, he passed away almost three years ago, September 4th, 2002.