So Much for Personal Responsibility…

BobG at Sweet Spirits of Ammonia brings our attention to another lack of personal responsibility story and the lawyers who help them.

A couple in South Carolina were stopped by the police and given tickets for improper plates, driving on a suspended license and driving without insurance.

The driver, Tony Gainey, admits, “I shouldn’t been driving. I am guilty of that, but the stop never would have taken place if they wouldn’t have violated our rights”

Tony Gainey says his rights were violated because he believes that the police in Greer, SC stopped him because he has a some bumper stickers on his car. One bumper sticker reads: “It’s a Druid Thing.”

The ACLU has jumped on the bandwagon demanding that the charges against Gainey be dropped and that an apology be made to the Gaineys.

Religious persecution. Yep, that’s exactly what this is. And never mind that the charges are perfectly valid, since the tickets were apparently given based on that darn bumper sticker, they aren’t valid anymore…

But think about it, one of the charges is improper plates. Doesn’t it stand to reason that during a routine plate check, finding out that the plates were improper would give sufficient cause to stop the vehicle? But nooooo, the Gainey’s feel that the plates were checked because of one of many bumper stickers on their car said “It’s a Druid Thing”.

Remember to visit Stop the ACLU

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