Terri Schiavo Update

Fox News reports that Judge Greer’s stay has been extended until 5 pm eastern, Friday, February 25th so that he can have more time to review the case.

They also report that the Florida Department of Children and Families is asking to become involved.

Michael’s attorney is calling it an affront to the court and that it’s injecting politics into the court system.

Read it all here.

Update: The family’s website is currently down because of unusually high traffic. They have posted the following there.

The Schindler family are encouraged at the outcome of today’s hearing before Judge Greer and are overwhelmed at the public outpouring of care and concern being shown to them and their daughter, Terri Schiavo.

The Schindler family also welcomes the involvement of Florida’s Department of Children and Families (the state’s health and human services agency) in their investigation into serious and detailed allegations of abuse and to ensure that appropriate care and treatment of Terri and patients like her is being delivered.

We ask that you please continue to think and pray for them and for Judge Greer as he takes this matter under advisement. Terri’s life and the lives of many disabled, elderly and vulnerable people in Florida hang in the balance.

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