You Think That's Bad??

Hearing Kos and other lefty blogs expressing outrage and demanding Brit Hume’s resignation over Hume’s take on Roosevelt’s vision of Social Security shows just how cushy those on the left have had it in their nice comfy liberal media cocoon. It’s debatable whether Hume even misquoted him, yet some on the left find this single statement intolerable, even calling Hume a “liar”. Update: Bill at INDC Journal also has a good analysis of the alleged misquote.

It brings to mind the standard war movie scene where the fresh faced soldier, wincing at every sound of distant gunfire, is juxtaposed to the battle hardened sergeant who walks across the battlefield unflinching as bombs go off within yards of him.

You think that was a misleading statement son? C’mon man, pull yourself together. You’ll never last out here if you melt down over something like that. We see stuff worse than that each and every day. Why back a couple of months ago we were facing a real tough battle. One of our boys Rumsfeld was taken down pretty hard. They quoted two sentences from a lengthy statement of his and completely turned it around on him. Worse yet, he was taking multiple hits from all sides. Over and over and over again, the same misquote just kept coming in. Yup, Rummy hung tough and made it through though. We were mad as hell, but did you hear us whining about resignations.

Heck if everybody who participated in that one resigned, we’d have no mainstream media left. Now there’s a thought.

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