CNN Shows Humility and Respect to Bloggers

The above caption is not sarcasism.

I caught the tail end of Judy Woodruff’s Inside Politics on CNN. Howard Kurtz was on discussing the impact of political blogs along with another woman who’d I’d never seen before, but who was introduced as CNN’s internet reporter. While I didn’t see the whole thing from what I saw it was informative, balanced and respectful. They talked about the huge number of blogs, noting that while some blogs are wacko’s there are many that are very informed and educated. They also delved into the collective power of blogs, as well as the speed with which info is disseminated and scrutinized. Bloggers’ role in Easongate was referred to at some length, as well as Rathergate. The general conclusion was that blogs have added a whole new level of accountability to news reporting. Get this: At the end Judy asked Kurtz if they still have jobs, and Kurtz replied, “I hope so.” He wasn’t smiling.

Does this show have a transcript? If so, someone’s got to get a copy.

UPDATE: Video is here, hat tip Instapundit (via the talented Kimsch). Note the video actually starts at the ending, not sure why, with the “I hope so comment”. It also seems to have portions clipped out, but you get the picture.

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