Media's Freedom from Accountability

Here it comes. Eason Jordan the victim of McCarthyism. Apparantly his “freedom of expression” has been violated.

I’m no rights expert but I think freedom of expression means we can say what we want without fear of persecution from the state. It doesn’t mean we can say what we want without fear of any consequences whatsoever. I’m free to walk into my boss’ office and call him an a*% hole, but I better be prepared to look for a new job.

Likewise, the head of the most powerful news organization in the World is “free” to claim that US troops murder journalists, but he better be able to back up the story or else face the music. It’s not called McCarthyism, its called accountability. I suggest the MSM get familiar with these concepts pretty quick, ’cause it’s a whole new media world they’re living in.
Hat tip: Powerline.

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