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US aid $350 million and counting – Updated

Direct Link to the Captain’s Campaign. As of 7:30 am CST on 1/13/05 it’s at $34,223.16!

Update: Captain’s Quarters has set January 12th as World Relief Day:

At Captain’s Quarters, we’re declaring January 12th World Relief Day. I ask that CQ readers donate their take-home pay for January 12th to the tsunami relief effort at World Vision. Obviously, we cannot hope to match the funds raised by governments — but we can show what a handful of determined private individuals can do to help. If you can’t afford to donate all of your take-home pay for that day, please donate what you can.

Spread the word.

CBS Marketwatch:

U.S. boosts aid to tsunami victims
President Bush commits $350 million, with more to come

“Our contributions will continue to be revised as the full effects of this terrible tragedy become clearer,” the president said in a statement issued Friday as Americans celebrated the New Year’s Holiday. “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by this epic disaster.”

I guess France isn’t leading anymore…

France Leads Tsunami Aid Says Self

France is claiming to lead in tsunami aid. Link. I am reproducing the story in its entirety here.

France says it’s the top donor for the tsunami disaster relief effort in Asia. The prime minister’s boast that France is vaulting to “the head of all the contributors” follows barbs from the U-S about the extent of French generosity.

In an interview this week on Fox News, the chief of the agency that distributes American aid said France tends not to be a world leader in foreign aid — and often packages its help as loans. France’s Foreign Ministry has rejected those allegations.

Since Sunday’s earthquake that triggered the tsunamis, the U-S has announced an initial aid package of 35 (m) million dollars, while also facing accusations from some that it had been stingy. France has pledged to provide 57 (m) million dollars.

Search strings

I’ve had a few hits from search results lately:

On Google someone searched for: baen free library instapundit
My post mentioning the Baen Free Library is here.

On Yahoo someone searched for: jerry orbach religion
I posted on Jerry Orbach’s death yesterday and I have mentioned religion in a few posts. Google Ads points to religious ads a lot.

I’ve also had several searches for assam american video because I posted that Fox News had the video.

Wish List for 2005

Here, in no particular order, are my wishes for 2005 including, but are not limited to (as I shall surely think of more), the following:

  • The Iraqi election on January 30th goes off, if not without a hitch, at least with minimal problems.
  • The Palestinian election is free, fair and valid.
  • Annan and the rest of upper management at the U.N. realize that they have no credibility and resign.
  • The clean up from the Tsunami is completed as quickly as possible to reduce the inevitable further losses due to disease.
  • After the successful Iraqi election, Osama turns himself in.
  • I find a job (preferably one I can do from home), or get myself some clients.
  • Get a nice, new, highly powered laptop with lots of RAM, a big hard drive, a DVD/CD burner and loaded with software.
  • Moonbats from both sides wake up and move a little more to center.

Add your own to the comments.

Iowahawk Exclusive

Iowahawk has found the first draft of Nick Coleman’s diatribe against Powerline in a dumpster at the Mall of America.

It begins:


[ed. note: found in a dumpster outside the Mall of America — the first draft of Nick Coleman’s latest cry for help in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune]


By Nick Coleman


The end of the year is a time to bury the hatchet, so congratulations to Powerline, the Twin Cities blog that last week was named Time magazine’s “Blog of the Year!”

Now let me get a new hatchet.

That’s a veiled warning, readers, because Sensei Nick is about to unleash a flurry of professional journalism hatchet-fu on the so-called “Blog of the Year,” which will soon be begging for mercy from my metaphors of fury.

Trust me. It won’t be pretty.

Read the rest.

Jerry Orbach Dead

Jerry Orbach is dead (last night) of prostate cancer at 69. He will be greatly missed.

Lumiere the candelabra from Beauty and the Beast

Lenny Briscoe of all the Law and Orders.

And much, much more. IMDb Jerry Orbach page.

God Bless Jerry and his family.


Our thoughts and prayers are with all those lost in the tsunami and those who will be lost due to the aftermath.

Command Post has a long list of charities that are helping.