Wish List for 2005

Here, in no particular order, are my wishes for 2005 including, but are not limited to (as I shall surely think of more), the following:

  • The Iraqi election on January 30th goes off, if not without a hitch, at least with minimal problems.
  • The Palestinian election is free, fair and valid.
  • Annan and the rest of upper management at the U.N. realize that they have no credibility and resign.
  • The clean up from the Tsunami is completed as quickly as possible to reduce the inevitable further losses due to disease.
  • After the successful Iraqi election, Osama turns himself in.
  • I find a job (preferably one I can do from home), or get myself some clients.
  • Get a nice, new, highly powered laptop with lots of RAM, a big hard drive, a DVD/CD burner and loaded with software.
  • Moonbats from both sides wake up and move a little more to center.

Add your own to the comments.

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