Daily Archives: March 30, 2009

Monday Morning Musings

It’s the first official day of Spring Break today. Yesterday we woke up to lots of snow. All the kids off school and there’s a lot of snow. I see snow people…

Six Flags Great America here in the land between Chicago and Milwaukee is opening up on Friday. Yep, Friday. Weekends only until Memorial Day weekend, but it’ll be open. They have a new water ride called Buccaneer Battle, where you are in a boat with water cannons and you shoot other people as you go on the winding path of the ride. That, I’m sure, won’t be open this early. Especially with all the snow that’s on the ground today.

We’ve had season passes for a quite a few years in a row now, so Six Flags sent us our season passes for this year in the mail. With pictures and everything. Definitely convenient. No lines, just go in. Yay! With the snow we got overnight Saturday to Sunday though, I don’t know if we’ll go for opening weekend this year…

My sister has decided after seeing the cake I made for my cousin’s baby shower that I am now the official cake baker. She wanted me to make a lamby cake and a bunny cake for Easter. I don’t have the molded cake pans to do that (and don’t have the funds to purchase said pans) so I’ll be making some kind of Easter cake, just not molded lambs covered in coconut wool or a molded bunny. I may try to carve a bunny and put it atop a sheet cake, but we’ll see what happens. I will post pictures once I have it finished.

If the AIG employees who were supposed to get the “bonuses” were only paid $1 a year (with the assurance that they would receive these “bonuses”) couldn’t they sue because they weren’t even paid minimum wage? Even at a normal 2000 hour work year, $1 comes to $0.0005 per hour. I think that’s a helluva lot less than minimum wage…

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