Monday Morning Musings

Happy 47th Birthday Barack Obama. And happy 80th birthday to some little old lady named Barbara Hermione Oliphant

A comment  I left at the Anchoress’ place on a post about Pelosi and the Dems content to do nothing:

I could try to affix solar panels to my Yukon, but to get enough on the vehicle to do any good, I would be worse than one of those “wide load” vehicles. Perhaps I could turn the necessary solar panels into a wing and try to fly.

I could also try to affix a sail to the Yukon to try to harness the wind, but unlike lakes or the ocean, roads are fixed in place and I don’t think that people would like me cutting across their property because that’s where the wind took me. Buildings are also a hazard…

And at Betsy’s on a similar post – Democrats don’t care about saving the planet:

Back in the seventies, we were going to run out of oil in 20-30 years. Well it’s now the “oughts” and we’re finding more and more oil. Technology is also allowing more and more oil to be recoverable.

I have a theory. They say that oil is non-renewable, but I think it might be. Like a kidney produces urine 24/7 and is slowly filling the bladder even when the bladder is being emptied, oil may be more renewable than previously thought. After all, there’s been a lot of organic material since the dinosaurs that could be a source for the earth to produce more oil.

I’d been thinking about writing on these points and couldn’t really decide on how. So this will work.

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