Daily Archives: August 22, 2008

Dem VP Choices

Okay, so now we’ve been told that the text messages will go out tomorrow morning at 10:00 am (I am assuming Central Daylight Time) and the big event at the Old Capitol Building in Springfield is now scheduled for 3:00 pm.

Earlier today there were four names out there in the Great VP Stakes:

1. Tim Kaine (who has since said that he’s been told he’s not the pick)

would be Obama/Kaine



Lots of cane sounds in there…

2. Birch Evan Bayh

would be Obama/Bayh

Could sound like Obama buying something or Obama bye…

3. Chet Edwards – the new one today

would be Obama/Edwards

does Obama really want the name recognition of Edwards, even if Chet isn’t Silky Pony?

4. Joe Biden

would be Obama/Biden

probably the most likely of the bunch.

VP Choices

In Breathless Anticipation I noted that the media is stressing out over VP choices for both candidates.

For the past couple of days as the excitement is reaching a crescendo I’ve been thinking that the candidates themselves (and perhaps their picks, if the picks actually know who they are) are laughing their a$$es off watching all of this.

Today, there are cameras outside the homes of three potential Dem VPs – Joe Biden, Evan Bayh, and Tim Kaine.

May not be any of them.