Daily Archives: August 11, 2008


The Anchoress is hosting a week long retreat from politics and the news of the day.

A place to contemplate other, more spiritual things.

A place to find things worth thinking about…

A Link to The Anchoress' Retreat

A Link to The Anchoress' Retreat

Mayhap this will be the first annual Anchoress Retreat?

Monday Morning Musings

We needed to replace our can light in the ceiling above the sink. We put in a new can and found this wonderful pendant fixture to put in it. The fixture just screws into the socket like a light bulb. The cord is adjustable for length. We just love it. It bring the light closer to the sink and it just looks beautiful. Thanks to Hubby for climbing up into the hot, dusty, pink insulated attic to put in the new can!