Daily Archives: June 26, 2008

From the Front Lines Blog-a-thon

Michelle notes that the Webathon brought in $1,055,719!

4:00pm Eastern/1pm Pacific. We’re about to start…get ready! Rush Limbaugh is scheduled to come on about 4:20pm/1:20pm.

Rush is blasting the PBS documentary airing next week on how America was morally equivalent to our enemies during WWII. Joined us by webcam from Palm Beach.

4:40pm Eastern. Oliver North is with us now via webcam.

5:17pm Eastern. We’ve reached the $297,283 mark!!!

5:33pm Eastern. Sean Hannity is on.

6:41pm Eastern. John Ondrasik just gave an amazing interview. I’ll try and clip it for you later.

7:25pm Eastern. We’re taking a quick technical intermission. Back in a flash.

7:30pm Eastern. Current tote board total: $448,553!

8:42pm Eastern. New total: $614,448!!!

10:05pm Eastern. Laura Ingraham has kicked in $15,000! Tons of great folks have joined us. We are now at $698,011.

12 midnight. We heard from the White House and the office of Gen. David Petraeus and troops from Ft. Leavenworth.

Final tally: $1,055,719!!!!!!!!!

Thank you all!!!!!!