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Keeping these babies will not be like babysitting. You won’t be able to give these children back to their mothers after a certain period of time.

Babies need constant attention. They are not puppies or kittens who can be left alone. Feeding them involves a lot more than putting some food and water in bowls on the floor.

Your life is no longer your own. It’s all about the baby. The baby is hungry, the baby is poopy, the baby has a wet diaper, the baby has a tummy ache, the baby needs to burp. Sure the baby will sleep, but almost never when it’s convenient for you.

While it may be technically possible, it’s not easy to play a video game or text your friends and feed a baby at the same time (breast or bottle).

You won’t be able to run to the mall, or a friend’s house, the movies, or the library without making arrangements for that little person who is totally dependent on you. No more spur of the moment fun.

You must either find a babysitter or take the child with you. Baby sitters may cost money (if not a relative or friend willing to sit for free). Taking a baby with you requires much more than just the baby. You need the diaper bag with diapers, a change of clothes, burp rags, baby wipes, toys, a heavy infant car seat (just wait until that little 7-8 pound baby becomes a 20+ pounder nearer a year old and you still need that infant seat by law), and bottles and formula. Then there’s the playpen you might need to lug around to others’ houses so the baby can nap, and the stroller.

Babies aren’t cheap. Formula costs an arm and a leg. Diapers cost an arm and a leg. You could use cloth diapers and plastic pants and wash the diapers yourself to save money. Diaper services cost as much or more than disposable diapers do. Even when the baby is eating cereals and jarred baby food (blueberry buckle dessert – 3rd stage is quite good), the baby still needs breast milk or formula until a year old. Cow’s milk isn’t cheap anymore either. Yesterday the grocery store was selling gallons of “organic” (in a plastic jug) for nearly $7 a gallon!

Please consider that there are many couples who have established themselves and their households that can’t have children. Consider offering your child to one of these couples for adoption into their loving home. Give yourself time to earn a diploma and perhaps a college degree. Be able to take care of yourself first. Get married. Establish a household and then bring in a child.

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