Monday Morning Musings

Saturday I was pulling weeds out of the patio, getting it cleaned up, getting out the umbrella, and cleaning table. Yesterday I was quite sore. Today remains to seen.

Also on Saturday Hillary Clinton gave a speech in Washington, D.C. in a beautiful building called the National Building Museum. One of the things that she said was that she hadn’t broken the glass ceiling but now there were 18 million cracks and there’s more light than ever shining through.

I have a problem with that analogy. The “glass ceiling” would be transparent by definition. You can’t see the barrier, but it’s there. Cracks would tend to make the glass ceiling more opaque, not less. For an example, take a look at an automobile windshield with safety glass before and after it’s broken. You can clearly see through the unbroken windshield, but you can’t see through the broken one.  I know what she meant, but I still see the ceiling that she describes as full of 18 million cracks, one that lets less light through.

Its been very stormy this weekend. Saturday the alarms went off although thankfully it was a false alarm. Yesterday there were torrential downpours while we were at church. Tornado watches all evening until 1 am.

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