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Transcript: Sen. Durbin @ Neil Cavuto

Senator [tag]Dick Durbin[/tag] (D-IL) was on [tag]Neil Cavuto[/tag]’s [tag]Your World[/tag] yesterday afternoon.

Ian has the video here.

Lorie’s got a post up on it too…

Cavuto: Democrats taking more swipes at President Bush’s gas plan, capitalizing on ample public anger over rising prices at the pump. And now it’s getting personal.

[tag]Hillary Clinton[/tag]: We are one accident or one terrorist attack away from oil at a hundred dollars a barrel, not just seventy-five. We have no leadership…
{end videoclip}

Cavuto: Democrats are calling for the rollback of five billion dollars in subsidies granted to oil companies. House Minority Leader [tag]Nancy Pelosi[/tag] also going after oil executives citing Quote [T]heir obscene record profits and immoral salaries.

Republicans now firing back accusing Democrats of being obstructionist by blocking drilling in [tag]ANWR[/tag]. The RNC also pointing out that [tag]Harry Reid[/tag] and Nancy Pelosi, the two Democrat leaders voted not once, but several times to hike the federal gas tax, and on and on we go.

Welcome everybody, glad to have you. I’m Neil Cavuto, this is Your World.

Are lawmakers more focused on political gain in all of this or on solving the nation’s gas problem? Let’s ask Democratic Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois. Senator Durbin, thanks for coming.

Durbin: Good to be with you.

Cavuto: What do you make of Hillary Clinton’s remark that we’re one event away from hundred dollar oil? Is that a scare tactic, or is there something to what she said?

Durbin: If you go to the business journals and ask them, is $75 the ceiling for the price of a barrel of oil? they say no, there’s no end in sight. There’s nothing to hold it from going even higher. I think what Senator Clinton said is a fact. If there is, God forbid, some emergency, or some tragedy, we could see the price of a barrel of oil go up dramatically.

Cavuto: Alright, so this zeal about trying to do something, you know you can cast blame, I guess, on both parties Senator, Democrats didn’t do much about this when Bill Clinton was in office. Both parties sort of lagged around on it and only respond when we get these spikes. Who’s to say now either party is going to get anything done?
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48 Hours – plus

I would have written about this at the time but Bitsy and Duncan had taken over my chair…


Still doing well. This is the third “wake-up” since the treatment and I still have not “reached” for the cigarettes and lighter.

I have tried several different methods to quit smoking before. One (many years ago) was a little machine that you would press a button every time you had a cigarette for a certain period of time, then it would start telling you when to have a cigarette. It was supposed to slowly wean you off cigarettes altogether. Didn’t work for anyone in my family.

I’ve tried the patch, gums, regular cold turkey (hey, I quit every single night! – until I woke up, of course).

This has worked.

Ace of Trump is skeptical of this treatment. He says he thinks it’s a placebo effect.

Eye Doc,

I can’t tell you if my endorphin levels have increased or not. I don’t have access to (or knowledge of) whatever I need to check the levels. But this is working. Cravings are minimal. Withdrawal symptoms are minimal to non-existent. I was smoking right up until the treatment in the afternoon on Monday.

Placebo or not, I’m one happy ex-smoker right now. And so are my family.


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