Daily Archives: April 15, 2006

Iran's Best Allies: Partisan Democrats

Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) has an article in the L.A.Times that must have been music to the ears of the Iranian leadership. After admitting that Iran should not be allowed to possess nuclear capabilities, she goes on to detail reasons why Iran should not be attacked militarily. The reasons being the “failure” of the Iraq mission. She says the “diplomatic” course is the way to go. Apparently the U.S. should “push for a complete halt to Iran’s enrichment activities.”

I guess up till now the U.S. hasn’t been formally “pushing”, but instead only nudging or perhaps prodding. A full push should do the trick.

Ms. Feinstein doesn’t refer to the fact that Iran has not only been ignoring the collective demands of the World’s leading powers to halt its enrichment, it’s been openly flaunting its enrichment successes, and threatening to destroy Israel in “one storm” to boot.

She doesn’t address what increasingly appears to be the most likely scenario – Iran continuing with its enrichment process. Of course, that would require some semblence of agreement with Bush’s doctrine of pre-emptive military action. That would also require accepting some responsibility for the outcome of this impasse. Finally, and most importantly, that would entail favouring a responsible, united approach in combatting America’s enemies, over partisan politics.

But there’s nothing to suggest that’s about to happen any time soon. I know it. You know it. And you can bet the Iranian leadership knows it.