This is what they came up with (MSNBC):

Republican officials said the GOP plan would divide illegal immigrants into three categories:

* Those who had been in the country the longest, more than five years, would not be required to return to their home country before gaining legal status. They would be subject to several tests, including the payment of fines and back taxes, and be required to submit to a background check, according to these officials.
* Illegal immigrants in the United States less than five years but more than two would be required to go to a border point of entry, briefly leave and then be readmitted to the United States. As with the longer-term illegal immigrants, other steps would be required for re-entry, after which they could begin seeking citizenship, these officials said.
* Illegal immigrants in the United States less than two years would be required to leave the country and join any other foreign residents seeking legal entry.

The officials who described the proposal did so on condition of anonymity, saying the had not been authorized to pre-empt senators.

How will this work? How will the illegals prove they’ve been here for however long? I guess some could point to a child born here who is more than five years old, but how do they prove they’ve never been home for a visit? To show off that new grandchild to the grandparents back home?

What types of proof will be accepted? Proof like they use for voting in some areas – someone, anyone, just has to say that they know you and you’ve been here however long?

What about the illegal who has been here for four-and-a-half years? Do you think they’ll say, “Oh well, haven’t been here long enough. Guess we’ll just pack up and leave.”????

And those that have been here under two years… How many of those do you think will be found?

The current laws have to be enforced. The border has to be tightened. Businesses that hire illegals need to be penalized. If you can’t run your business by paying the prevailing wages, then maybe you should rethink your business plan.

Sanctuary cities also need to have all their federal monies cut off until they comply with federal law.

Michelle has more.

Sensible Mom also has a good post on this.

Senator Dubin was just on The Big Story about all this. Transcript to comehere.

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