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Feinstein: Illegals are Good Citizens

Yep, that’s right. She said that. On the Today Show…

They pay taxes, their children are Americans, they go to schools, they’re good citizens and they’re needed.

(emphasis mine)
Via Newsbusters.

Meeks: Pulling the Race Card Early

Via The Capitol Fax Blog from NBC5:

“Come on with me white churches … Call me and tell me to run for governor,” Meeks said. “White people who believe in Jesus, call me and tell me to run for governor”

and then

‘If I do run and there are two people in the race who both are not standing for morality, if I don’t have every white Christian vote in the state of Illinois, I will stand on top of the Sears Tower and call every one of ya’ll racist,’ Meeks said from his pulpit.

So, if we white Christians don’t vote for [tag]Meeks[/tag] (Democrat State Senator) for governor we are all racists. Amazing.

Caspar Weinberger, 1917-2006

[tag]Caspar Weinberger[/tag] has died. He was the Secretary of Defense under Ronald Reagan from 1981-1987.

Rest in Peace Caspar.

Story at WMUR Channel 9 in New Hampshire:

WASHINGTON — Caspar Weinberger, who played key roles in the shaping of the so-called Star Wars missile defense program and the Iran-Contra affair during the Reagan administration, has died. He was 88 years old.

Andy Card Resigns

effective April 14th. Josh Bolten will take over the Chief of Staff position.

Fox News:

“After five-and-a-half years, he thought it might be time to return to private life and this past weekend, I accepted Andy’s resignation,” Bush said. “Andy Card has served me and our country in historic times,” including the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, economic ups and downs and the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, Bush said.

Card has also made great legislative achievements on issues such as education and Medicare, and he helped confirm two Supreme Court justices, including Chief Justice John Roberts.

“In all these challenges, and accomplishments, I have relied on Andy’s wise counsel, his calm in crisis, his absolute integrity and his tireless commitment to public service,” Bush said. “Andy is respected by his colleagues for his humility, his decency and his thoughtfulness. They look at him as a role model and they, like me, will miss him.”

Sounds Good to Me

I’ve actually been to the brewery too!

(66% dark & bitter, 66% working class, 100% genuine)

Okay, we all know Guinness is the best possible score on any “What Kind Of Beer Are You” test, so you can just go on and pat yourself on the back now. Like the world’s most famous brew, you’re genuine, you’ve got good taste, and you’re sophisticated. What else can I say, except congratulations?

If your friends didn’t score the same way, get ready for them to say: Guinness is too heavy; it’s an acquired taste; it’s too serious–and they probably think those things about you at times. But just brush ’em off. Everybody knows Guinness is the best. Cheers.

My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 42% on dark
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You scored higher than 36% on workingclass
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You scored higher than 56% on genuine

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Via The Anchoress

Sanctions Against "Sanctuary"

In addition to changing being an illegal from a misdemeanor to a felony, the Federal government should also impose sanctions against “Sanctuary” cities, those cities that refuse to inquire into a criminal’s legal status in this country. All Federal funds for those cities should dry up until the cities comply with Federal laws.

Media: a "faux profession"

Kate at SDA hits the nail on the head:

Because journalism is no longer about delivering factual information about current events in appropriate context. It’s become a faux-profession increasingly populated by individuals who aspire to influence political outcomes and public policy – but who are too lazy (or too stupid) to earn that right by running for political office the old fashioned way.

I was thinking precisely that thought (though in less eloquent terms) just the other day. It increasingly appears as though the media isn’t just reporting the news in a biased way, but have taken it a step further and are engaging in political advocacy. What is particularily insidious about such conduct is the extent to which it involves an abuse of their constitutionally protected status (freedom of the press) as purveyors of information.

The Heart of a Pacifist

This past week we were given an opportunity to peer into the soul of the pacifist. And it wasn’t pretty.

Pacifism is premised on the notion that war is always avoidable. There is always a non-aggressive solution to geopolitical problems. The fundamental flaw with such absolutism (absolutism in any aspect is invariably flawed) is that, in war, it always takes two to tango. Pacifism is all well and good in a utopian vacuum, but what if the other side of the conflict isn’t benevolent but rather has belligerent or aggressive intentions. In that situation one is invariably faced with the option of backing down and giving into the demands of the aggressor or standing firm. Here is where the pacifist chooses to simply ignore reality.

The belligerent isn’t really being aggressive, so says today’s pacifist. He is just misunderstood. If only we could understand him conflict could be avoided. Integral to our misunderstanding is the notion that his aggression was ultimately caused by our own actions. Regardless of how obvious the aggression appears to be, it can always be traced back to our own conduct. Ultimately, all aggression is really our fault. The importance of this notion cannot be overstated. For if the root of the belligerent’s aggression is really our fault, then we are in control. What we have done, can be undone. Not only is peace possible. It can be achieved at our behest.

Through this reasoning, the pacifist is able to turn the dynamic of a conflict on its head, whereby the party that seems to be most responsible for the conflict is virtually taken out of the equation. This week we saw this dynamic played out before our eyes.

The pacifists were taken by force, held against their will, threatened with death, and one of them was murdered. Yet the party that was intent on murdering them was excused, while the party that risked death to save them was given no praises, but rather general condemnation.

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