Terry McAuliffe on Fox News

Bill Hemmer just interviewed Terry McAuliffe on Fox News Live… (all emphasis mine)
{Rep Murtha’s name has been corrected}

Ian (that wonderful young man) has posted the video at Political Teen.

Hemmer: Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe is my guest here now in D.C. and we welcome you, Terry, here. Welcome to Washington.

McAuliffe: Very good to see you.

Hemmer: It is downright nasty in this town.

McAuliffe: Well…

Hemmer: Is this just the precursor for what we’re seeing in midterm elections, 12 months from now, in November of 2006?

McAuliffe: I think, Bill, people are very upset. We’ve lost over 2,000 troops, we’ve spent 200 billion dollars, we have a mess on our hands in Iraq today. And it’s not, you know they’re trying to blame the democrats, I remind you that two days ago they voted in the United States Senate, bipartisan, 79 to 19 a no confidence vote in George Bush and Dick Cheney. And you saw Senator Hagel the other day come out against the Republicans saying it would be unpatriotic not to ask these kind of questions.

{A “No Confidence” vote? Is that what that was? I’m sure McAuliffe wishes that the United States had a Parliment. Then, an actual no confidence vote would result in new elections, almost immediately. Too bad for him we don’t have a Parliment. We have regularly scheduled elections and McAuliffe is stuck with President Bush and Vice President Cheney until noon on January 20, 2009.}

Hemmer: Senator Joseph Lieberman, a Democrat from Connecticut saying exactly the opposite. He’s saying the partisanship right now that’s entering into this argument, is bad for the country, and it’s bad for the U.S. men and women serving in Iraq today.

McAuliffe: I think we want accountability and I think we want a timetable for our troops. I think our troops deserve it. They want to know what’s going on over here in this country. We, as I say, we’ve lost over 2,000 troops today and there is no plan for George Bush what to do after, you know, the major assault operations were over. We’re less safe today Bill.

{We aren’t any safer? All the attacks by Al Qaeda since 9/11/2001 have been in countries other than the United States. They have also all become smaller since then.}

Hemmer: You say you want a timetable. Senator Barbara Boxer was on the air with me yesterday and she was emphatic saying that there is no timetable that Democrats are looking for it’s benchmarks. Now is that how we define the difference between a benchmark and a timeline? Is it just a merging of the words right now that’s throwing us into a gray area? Is it not true that Democrats really want a timeline to say when troops will leave Iraq?

McAuliffe: We want accountability, we want to have progress reports, and that’s what they did in the Senate the other day. George Bush’s plan of just, keep continuing to go along. The American public as you know, 53 percent in the USA Today poll out today, say that the President is not honest or trustworthy. And much of that goes to, I believe, the war in Iraq. They keep telling you things are going great and people watching the news and they know that things aren’t going great today.

{Of course the media only tells us what’s going “wrong” or “badly”. The media is working hand in hand with Democrats like McAuliffe. They don’t tell us what is going good, like the fact that the road to the Baghdad Airport is safer than it was when Saddam Hussein is in power. They don’t tell us what a success the election in January was, what a success the passing of the constitution was, and they won’t tell us what a success the elections next month will be either.}

Hemmer: So, if you and other Democrats like you and John MurphyMurtha (D-PA){updated to reflect proper spelling} who was on the hill today saying immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces, if you’ve got way, say within six months right now, and in seven months from now you’ve got another bombing in Amman, Jordan, or in London, England, or here in the U.S. Wouldn’t the Democrats be proved wrong about the War on Terror at that point?

McAuliffe: Let me just say this again, it was bipartisan, 79 to 19, many Republicans joined with the Democrats the other day to say, “No confidence in George Bush’s war on Iraq.” Let’s be clear on that. I will make the argument that we are less safe in the world today. There are more insurgents, they are inflamed today because of what we have done in Iraq. George Bush has made our nation less safe, not more safe. Iraq is a mess, terrorists are coming across borders all over in the middle east today. You talk to, I just got back from traveling all over the mid-east. You talk to many of the leadership over there. They will tell you they have a mess on their hands today because of George Bush and Dick Cheney’s policies.

{Perhaps, Mr. McAuliffe, the insurgents are inflamed because we are keeping them from taking over Iraq. Perhaps they are inflamed because we are winning this war. “Many of the leadership over there”. I think that’s like “sources say” and “experts say”. No actual quotes and no actual “leadership” named.}

Hemmer: We have to run and my list is very long, we’ll do it again. Terry McAuliffe, thank you.

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